Wednesday, 16 September 2009

live from Opening Addresses

I am attending now the Opening Addresses. Ashok Khosla has just started his speech. A few first slides show us how conected we are. Each little action will affect the others. However, there is no comparison in the quality of life. 1.300 million people are suffering from the lack of water. Ashok Khosla calls for the immediate convergence and asking the question: how sustainable is our economy? There is an image of a young girl. She is smilling, looking with hope and trust in her eyes. She is one of people for whom we should develop economically, not the presidents from rich countries.

How big is our ecological rucksack? What can we do to change that? Can we cover the spreading gap?

Dennis Meadows starts with a little exercise. What do we understand by sustainable development? He shows two pens: an expensive brand pen and a cheap pen made from recycled materials. Which one is more stustainable? The question seems to be easy. But after a moment, he explains that the first pen will stay for a long time and will be re-filled, while the second one will be thrown as the ink is more expensive than the pen. Some people after the explanation changed their mind, after being given new information. However, this was only personal opinion. The responsibility is on our side. Will we change our habits? What do we think is more sustainable?

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